Friday, February 27, 2009

My first NCAA Convention

I had the opportunity to attend the NCAA Convention in Washington, D.C. this past January. While it was below freezing my friend Robyn and I weren't going to let our time go to waste. We spent about 5 hours one afternoon doing as much as we could in the city. We each had on layers of clothes and were freezing the majority of the time, but it was a BLAST! The day we were flying home, we got up very early and took off for the Capitol. We were fortunate to get a tour pass since we didn't have a pre-arranged tour set up. We were there days before the inauguration and I missed U2's performance by hours! We were fortunate to not have any flight delays due to weather or heightened security. I was so happy to see Jeff and Jacob waiting for me at the Birmingham airport. I missed them both a lot! Here are some pictures from my trip.

No crying here today

We're two for two! Jacob had a great morning today! He was in a good mood as we entered daycare and ran right in his room and started playing. I'm also happy to report that he FINALLY eats "butter-flower" (peanut butter to the rest of us). He had some toast with peanut butter on it this morning on our way to daycare. His teacher also told me that he ate some of his beef patty (sounds disgusting to me) yesterday, which is a small victory given how conservative of an eater he is.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

No crying today

Jacob didn't cry at all today at daycare! Not when I left him this morning, not when his main teacher left this afternoon...he had a GREAT day! Let's see how tomorrow goes...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jacob gets a big boy bed

Over the weekend, we purchased new furniture for Jacob's room. We bought his new furniture at Alabama Furniture Market. It's hard to beat their prices. We chose a Broyhill collection called Maison Lenoir. This isn't his room, but here are some pictures of what his furniture looks like. I hope to get some actual pictures of his room up soon!

The nightstand:

The chest of drawers:

The bed and nightstand:

The bedding:
The sheet set:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello! Since we no longer have a website, we decided to start a blog. We will use this as a way to share updates, pictures and whatever else is going on in our lives.