Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yay, cake! I love cake! - Jacob 2 yrs

Today is Jeff's birthday! Jacob was so excited to wrap his present last night. I've taken to saving the comics from the Sunday paper and use it as often as I can to wrap presents. I think it's neat, colorful and definitely cost effective. When we were going to sleep last night I asked him if he knew what tomorrow was and he said, "yes, Daddy's birthday!"

We gave Jeff his gift this morning because Jacob just couldn't wait any longer. Jeff received Rosetta Stone French, level 1 from me, Jacob, Mimi, Popi, RoRo and Pappy. We hope he likes it and learns a lot of french!

Have a great day, Daddy! We love you and can't wait to eat some cake! As Jacob told me last night when I was making the cake, "Yay, cake! I love cake!" and he does...

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