Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jake & the dentist

Jacob had his cleaning appointment the other day. This is his third time to go to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned. We got there and signed in and a few minutes later, they called his name. We got up to go back and they said, "we'll take him and call you if we need you." I said, (kind of sarcastically) "Good luck!" I didn't have book with me or anything because I've always gone back with him. Minutes went by and no one called for me. After about 30 minutes, they said, "we're ready for Jacob." I went back and he had let them do the whole cleaning and dental check-up on his own! I was so proud of him and a little sad too. They said he was "very busy" but otherwise, great! He got to select a prize and chose some little, green, army men. No cavities!

My baby's growing up...

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