Friday, February 19, 2010


Jacob is three and we've had some potty training success on and off since he was two. Finally, this past week, we just went cold turkey with him...big-boy underwear. I'm happy to report that he's doing GREAT! He has worn big-boy underwear to school each day and has come home wearing the SAME clothes, which means...NO ACCIDENTS! He's doing pretty well at home too! He's even standing up! It's so GREAT! We're still struggling a little with going # 2, but everyone says that is harder. I'm pleased with our success with "peeping" as he calls it. We promised him a "red, crane train" so we're going to Target after school to see if we can purchase one. If not, I told him he could get another way or the other, we're coming home with a train! I also brought him some "Scooby Dooby" fruit snacks as a treat for when I pick him up. He is such a wonderful, little boy! When we got to school on Tuesday morning, he told me, "thanks for driving me to school, mommy." He was so sincere about it. No, I don't normally make him walk to school and I am the one that takes him each day, so I'm not sure what prompted the gratitude, but it was very sweet and special.

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