Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring break fun (part 3)

Jeff got a new truck and Jacob and Ryan have been tortured with appointments, not to mention a trip to the DMV to get the tag transferred over.  Side note - if you live in Shelby County and you need to do something at the DMV, go to the Inverness location!!!  They are NEVER busy.  We walked in and were second in line and were back in our cars in less than 25 minutes.  The line for renewing your driver's license was longer than the tag line.  What kind of parent am I?  Lamest spring break ever (sorry, wrong again, that would last year when Jacob came to work with me every day).  Well, I did plan something fun for the boys.

Jacob is obsessed with Legos.  That's all the boy wants to Legos, build Legos, buy Legos...Legos, Legos, Legos!  Ryan just wants to steal Jacob's Lego people.  After going to see the Lego Movie, I told Jacob that we were going to the LegoLand Discovery Center in Atlanta!  For over a month, that's all he has been able to talk about.  Since Jeff had to work, a friend went with us.  We drove over Wednesday morning and spent the afternoon at LegoLand (located in Phipps Plaza).  The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  We got to ride a ride, build Lego race cars, attend a Master Builder class where we learned about the S.N.O.T (stud not on top) technique, watch a Lego movie (not the Lego Movie), ride another rise, play in a jungle gym thing and just run around and act crazy.  When we were ready to leave, we went to the Lego store.  Jacob has been saving his money and was able to get several Lego sets.  Ryan got some Lego people and a small set that is a monkey, dog and bear.  I know, everyone is shocked that my animal loving three year old picked an animal Lego set.  Jacob couldn't wait to get to the hotel and start building.

After checking into the DoubleTree (hello, amazing cookies!!) and building Legos, we walked up the street to Maggiano's for dinner.  I LOVE Maggiano's.  It could be my favorite place to eat.  They just get it.  The atmosphere is lovely, the food is tasty and it's just a nice, warm, cozy feeling.  Our dinner was excellent.  We went back to the hotel and crashed.

After breakfast, we checked out and went over to Lenox to walk around.  We didn't stay there very long before we decided to head over to Atlantic Station.  We roamed around there for a little while and then went to IKEA (fun for Mommy!).  We shopped and had lunch at IKEA and then headed home. 

I was supposed to leave with tennis on Friday but one of the matches was canceled due to the weather forecast for Sunday.  The Saturday match was now just a day trip so I was able to stay home!

I cleaned the house and Popi and Mimi came over for the weekend.  Since I was originally going to be gone, they came over to help with the boys since it was Jacob's first soccer game on Saturday (that he didn't get to go to since he's been on house arrest due to allergies) and soccer pictures on Sunday.  Since Jacob didn't get to go to his first game, Mimi and I took the boys to lunch and to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  I thought it was funny...lots of puns.

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