Friday, March 7, 2014

Watch out for the "Cryptsteeburg!"

Our New Year's Eve tradition (the past few years, at least) has been:
  • make home-made pizzas
  • have a dance party in the kitchen/living room 
  • watch a movie
  • try to stay awake for the ball drop
Ringing in 2014, we made pizzas, had a dance party, watched an awesome firework show at the end of our street, watched a movie and stayed up until after midnight (thanks to fireworks and two scaredy cat little boys).  Last New Year's Eve (ringing in 2013), we introduced Jacob to the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter by watching "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."  Since, in my opinion, the HP movies get a little scarier with each movie, we decided to go a different route this year and watched "Freaky Friday" with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan (before she went crazy).  It's one of my favorite movies and is always good for a laugh.  I didn't know how the boys would react since it wasn't animated, but they both liked it.  In fact, they've even asked to watch it again and again.  

Sometime in January, Ryan came into our room during the night and climbed in bed with us.  Generally, when he does this, he likes to talk, talk, talk.  You can't get the kid to be quiet.  Here I am, trying to go back to sleep and Ryan's all talky-spice.  I roll over with my back to him, the only thing that helps with his constant chatter and he says to me, "What's wrong with you, punk?"  I said, "Excuse me?!?" and he repeated himself, "What's wrong with you, punk?"  Since punk is not in our vernacular, I was very confused.  He has no idea what punk meant.  I didn't think he was being disrespectful, so I eventually laughed and finally went back to sleep.  I told Jeff about the incident the next morning and he literally spat his drink of water out in the kitchen.  We talked about where he would have heard punk and came up with "Freaky Friday."  At some point in the movie, Anna, who is in her mother's body, says to Harry (her brother, who thinks he's talking to his mother), "What are you looking at, punk?"  

Weeks later, Jacob starts talking about the movie one day in the car.  We were on the way to pick Ryan up from preschool and he said, "Mom, you remember in Freaky Friday when the girl says, 'I'm old!  I'm like the cryptsteeburg!'?"  I died laughing.  The crypt-stee-burg, a.k.a. the crypt keeper.  

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