Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jake's dream house

Often, when we visit Popi and Mimi in Georgia, we drive by this house:

The first time we saw it, Jacob told us he was going to live there when he grew up (and we could come too).  This week, Jeff came home from work and told Jacob he had good news and bad news for him and that I should come hear it too.  I thought, "Oh, boy...what's going on?"  His good news was that Jacob's dream house was for sale!  His bad news was the price tag...$15 MILLION.  Ouch!  We then took a "virtual" tour of the house and it's incredible.  During the tour, we saw it had an outdoor basketball court.  Jacob announced that Ryan could come live with us too.  Isn't that nice of him?  At the end of the tour, Jeff pulled up a mortgage calculator - just for fun.  If we didn't put a cent down and had a modest interest rate close to our current mortgage, our monthly payment would be over $66,000/month!  That's INSANE!  Jacob thought for a minute and said, "well, I guess I don't really need any new Lego's when we go to LEGOLAND Discovery Center for spring break.  I'll just save my money."  I think my heart melted right there.  Bless him! 

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be Jacob's mother and for his sweet spirit.

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