Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prayers, please

Please pray for my grandfather. We found out this afternoon that he has blood clots in his lungs and is being admitted to the hospital. I don't know much more information than that, but I'll pass it along as soon as I do.

Also, please pray for my friend Kimberly's nephew, A.J. This is her email that she sent:

"Hi to all! My little sister had her baby today and things aren't looking good for the little guy. He was born 9lbs 7oz and my sister did it all without drugs. He was fine until they cut the cord and he stopped breathing. He is on a ventilator and being transferred from Shelby to UAB to do some tests on his heart and lungs. Needless to say everyone is very shook up. Please pray for my sister Katie, her husband, and little AJ. We should know more tomorrow after they run some tests. More than likely I will be on a flight out of here with my little guy tomorrow night after work so pray we arrive safely. Thanks to all!


Kimberly's husband is in the Navy and they are stationed in Rota, Spain.

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