Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on Paw-paw

The doctor just visited my Paw-paw. The good news is that she doesn't think he has blood clots...the bad news is that she doesn't really know what is going on. They have started him on a "mild" blood thinner and he will stay the night. She wants to review the "reports" in the morning (why couldn't she look at it tonight?) and decide what to do from there. If it is a blood clot, it's what they call a "chronic blood clot" and the people that usually have those travel a lot (by air) or are inactive. My Paw-paw has never flown and is one of the most active people I know. For example, he was on his roof earlier this afternoon and then decided to burn a pile of brush. The doctor also said that another reason she thought he didn't have blood clots was because normal patients go on oxygen immediately and he wouldn't be talking to her like he was if that were the case. She also said that if it's not blood clots, it could be a spot on his lung.

We will hopefully know more tomorrow. Please continue to keep him and my family in your prayers.

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