Friday, March 27, 2009

Update on Kimberly's nephew

I had an email from Kimberly this morning. Here's an update on her nephew:

"After tests last night on AJ, they have concluded that his heart isn't functioning correctly. From what I understand, his aorta valve and pulmonary valve are switched. They did the balloon catheter procedure on him yesterday and it worked perfectly so for now his oxygen level is back up to where it's supposed to be. He will have open heart surgery to correct his heart probably on Monday. Harrison and I are trying to get on a flight tonight to be there for the surgery. Please continue praying for my sister's family and also that Harrison and I arrive safely. I will update again when I know something. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!"

Harrison is her three month old baby boy. This will be his first trip to the states. Please pray for A.J. and their family.

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