Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brent & Jenni are having a ...

Our good friends Brent and Jenni went to the doctor yesterday to find out what they're's a BOY! Congratulations to them! I'm guessing they didn't have the same issues that Brent and Regan did because I had a text message around 8:30 and their appointment was at 8:00. They are due almost the same time as Brent and Regan so we'll have a boy and a girl!

In other news, I saw someone being arrested on my way to work. That would really ruin your day! I was already going slow (speed limit is 40 mph) but I slowed even more and rubber-necked as best I could. I couldn't deduce much except that the little pickup was pulled over by the Sheriff and there was a cooler on the ground. The Sheriff had called for backup because there was another Sheriff car there. Maybe when they ran the tag on the truck it came back with bad news or they found some drugs or weapons? Either way the man was handcuffed and being put in the back of the cruiser.

Hopefully your day is going better than his!

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