Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I find it sad and a *tad* bit humorous that I was so excited to receive our new office shredder today. The one that we had no longer worked and I've been "sitting" on a pile of shred papers for eight months now. I finally took time to research cross-cut shredders and picked one out. I ordered from Office Depot on Monday and it was delivered today. I've been checking the mail room all day and lo and behold there it was. I wheeled it into my office via the green hand trucks. I got it "assembled" (not much required...popping the wheels on and that was about it) and went to town. I filled up two trash bags before I decided to take a break. I'm out of trash bags so I guess I will have to a) go buy some or b) wait until Johnson Controls comes tomorrow and ask for extra.

It's also sad that I'm looking forward to going to the bookstore to buy a new three-ring binder and dividers. I think it's partly because no one is in the office today and my love for office supplies. Seriously, I could go nuts in those types of stores! I shall contain my spending since we have a small budget. I won't post about my three-ring binder because it's not as exciting as the shredder...unless there's some new kind of binder that I don't even know about...doubtful, but you never know.

Oh, is it just me or is it odd that I know THREE people having babies this week?!? One was induced last night (no baby yet)...one is induced today and the other on Thursday. Crazy, huh?

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