Monday, June 22, 2009

I finally gave in.

I think even before we had our hardwood floors installed, Jeff was already talking about rugs. I wasn't thrilled with the idea. I didn't want to pay what we paid for the floors just to cover it up with a rug. I've been pretty stubborn (shocking, I know) about it since the floors went down. I wouldn't even consider it and looking at rugs was out of the question. We were at Lowe's looking at dishwashers (stay tuned for another post about that) and in a moment of weakness, I agreed to look. Looking led to purchasing and we left the store with a rug. Those of you that know me, know how much I like a good deal/sale. I attribute this purchase largely to that. Even though I agreed to look, I don't think I would have considering purchasing a rug if it had not been on clearance. I'm such a sucker! It does look nice and as my brother-in-law, Todd, said, "It really ties everything together." We were fortunate that they had a matching smaller rug that we could put in front of the back door. Here's a picture of the smaller rug. It gives you an idea of the pattern on the bigger rug.

We also bought a rug for our patio, surprisingly enough, we picked it out before we looked at dishwashers or the other rugs. We also purchased some accent pillows for our patio furniture. The patio is a nice, relaxing space! Here are some pics of the patio's renovation:

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