Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am pretty proud of myself right now...

This was my first attempt at "utilizing" some of the features of Photoshop (other than cropping). I'm pretty excited that I figured out how to do the "selective" color in a black & white photo. This isn't perfect...you can see color where I didn't want it but at least I know how to do it now!

Here's attempt # 2...

If I had more time tonight, I'd be doing this with all kinds of photos. Sadly, I am out of time. It's time for Jake's bedtime routine to start so I'm off to give him a bath, dry him off, diaper him up, lotion him up, put his pj's on him, brush his hair, give him his medicine, brush his teeth, read him a book, say our prayers and get him to sleep. Hopefully I didn't forget a step! He'll be sure and let me know. And, when we're done with the book, "what do we do with it? We put it on the table." It's become a nightly saying...along with "go darker."

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