Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacob goes to the dentist

Jacob had his very first dentist appointment on 6/24. We chose a pediatric dentist close to his daycare and our home. Jacob had fun playing with the toys in the waiting room. We did not have to wait very long before it was his turn. He was a little unsure at first and started "mommy...mommy," - his standard defense. When he saw that we were coming too, he relaxed a little. He sat in the chair with a teddy bear that he picked out to accompany him. The hygeniest was great at showing him all the tools and what each tool does. He only started to cry once and quickly stopped. He even had "pictures" taken of his teeth and was perfect for that as well. We're happy to report no cavaties. We have a very brave son and couldn't be any prouder!

Here are some pictures of his visit...

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